Contract Logistics

The contract logistics division of Momentum is designed to cater for those clients seeking to outsource a large proportion of their supply chain under the governance of a single contract.

This includes distribution centre management in terms of receipt, put-away, storage, pick, pack, dispatch and inventory management of material and will quite often extend to, freight forwarding and transportation.

To support and expand this activity, the company has begun to implement the construction of a 25,000m2 distribution centre (DC) within the International Logistics Centre (at Al Saja’a). The DC will be an incorporate state of the art technology in order to provide clients a competitive edge. Momentum Logistics helps your business concentrate on its core economic activities by effectively managing your logistics needs. Companies can rely extensively on Momentum for their planning, implementation, and control of goods, information, and other resources between the point of origin and the point of destination. By entering into a contractual agreement, Momentum can offer bespoke logistics solutions that will suit any type of business and help it grow.